Super-Quick Ad Scripts

Super-Quick Ad Scripts are all about captivating an audience online – quick time. By designing ads with modern attention spans in mind, your brand can send a swift message that instantly clicks and sticks.

Tip-Top Copy’s Super-Quick Ad Scripts includes…

Pre-meet Express Questionnaire

2 x 30 min e-meetings via Skype, or Zoom

3 x Ad ideas

1 x Super-Quick Ad Script

Investment Required?

A custom-made 15 second ad campaign starts at $850 + GST.

Why Super-Quick Ad Scripts?

Advertising works, BUT it doesn’t work quite like it used to. People are busier than ever, plus they’re getting hammered left, right and centre with everything from distracting cat videos to the latest life hacks 24/7. With 5 BILLION people online, you’ll need super-quick unusually creative ads designed to grab attention in no time.

Whether you want jaw-dropping static image ads, or storytelling rolling carousel ads for social media; visual shopping ads, or snappy text-based ads for Google; lightning-quick audio ads for podcasts, or attention grabbing all-rounder video ads for almost anywhere, Tip-Top Copy’s Super-Quick Ad Scripts maximise benefits and minimise time to boldly hold attention online.

Tip-Top Copy’s Touch Points

Tip-Top Copy’s Touch Points are designed to clarify the creative direction, while minimising the time required from busy business owners, so the process is swift and the finished product is tip-top.


We’ll have a quick 15 minute e-meet and greet to discuss your project, identify your ideal timeline and decide if we’re a good fit.


You’ll receive a proposal via email outlining the project’s timeline, key deliverables and pricing.


If you’re satisfied with the proposal, I’ll send through a simple contract, terms and conditions and an invoice for the first 50%.


Once the contract and part payment's received, I’ll send a calendar link via email to book an e-meeting via Skype, or Zoom (up to you), so we can discuss your project in detail.


I’ll send over a Quick Questionnaire to spark a head start. During our e-chat, we'll discuss your Quick Questionnaire, clarify the project’s direction and identify any required resources.


You’ll send an email with any required resources to support the project.


I’ll create and send the first draft sample via email for your critical review.


Based on your critique, I’ll create all of your custom content to send to you in full.


You’ll provide feedback for the finishing touches, then I'll complete your requested final edits swiftly.


You’ll receive your finished project and an invoice for the final 50%. Just like that, your project’s ready for the web.